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Libby currently reside in New York City, but has lived in pretty much every corner of the country at some point in her life. She is always doing or planning some interesting travel experience, whether that is taking the train down the entire West Coast of the U.S. or convincing all of her friends to go to Groundhog Day in Pennsylvania because it seems like fun! 


Libby has driven cross-country and endlessly researches the best places to eat, best museums to go to and the most obscure activities and events in every town, no matter how big or small. Her job in the sports industry allows for her to travel almost weekly so she knows how to make the most out of a short time in a great place and she's always trying to do something new and exciting everywhere she goes. Passionate about planning, she can't wait to connect with fellow travel lovers and to have everyone fully enjoy each place they go to and experience it to the fullest extent! 


US- New York City, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Memphis, Nashville, San Francisco, Baltimore, Washington DC, Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Fort Worth, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, Hilton Head, Savannah, Hartford, Louisville, Charlotte, Monterey, Phoenix, Honolulu, Pennsylvania

Canada- Vancouver, Toronto


Europe- Ireland


Group, Immersion, Cultural, Road Trip, City-Escapes, Foodie

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