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London bred but world fed. Molly is a travel enthusiast, adventure seeker, sun worshipper, stray cat lover and gigantic foodie. She loves getting stuck into a new environment and feels her way through with a curious mind and eager taste buds. With a constant case of itchy feet, she's currently backpacking her way through South America.


Molly is a multi-diverse traveller, you'll find her scaling the edge of Kilimanjaro or queen beach bum as she soaks up the sun in paradise. Her one true love is sharing her knowledge and experience of this wonderful world with others, so they can fall head over heels with cities, landscapes and people just like she has. Molly will save you time, hassle and sore fingers flicking through lonely planet with a plan that's proven to send you on the trip of a lifetime.


Europe- London, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Budapest, Rome, Turkey


Central America- Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru

Africa: Tanzania (Kilimanjaro)


Couple/Honeymoon, Backpacking, Active/Adventure, City Escapes, Beach/Tropical

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