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Nick is a travel blogger and enthusiast who loves exploring new places. He went on his first big road trip in 2013, driving round-trip from California to Tennessee and fell in love with the open road. ​That has led to countless trips to all 50 states and around the world by plane, train, and car. ​His favorite destinations so far, although its difficult to choose, would be the West Coast and Mountain West of the United States, and Switzerland.​ When he is not traveling, he enjoys reading, piano, and planning his next trip.​He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where he works as a Marketing and Salesforce consultant.


US-West Coast, Mountain West, Southeast, Mid Atlantic


Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal),


Islands- St Martin


Europe- France, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary (Budapest), Austria (Vienna), Germany (Munich and Berlin)


Africa- South Africa (Cape Town)


Australia- Sydney and Melbourne


Asia- UAE (Dubai), Hong Kong, Japan (Tokyo), South Korea (Seoul)


Budget, Active/Adventure, Road Trip, Solo, National Park Travel

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