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Growing up in rural Indiana, Sheena didn't travel much except for the occasional camping trip to a neighboring county. After graduating with a degree in Biochemistry, she started her first job which required her to travel. That's when her passion for travel began! She's traveled both international and domestically, tallying up 44 states and 33 countries. She loves learning the culture and the excitement of new places. Her adventures have included a night in the Ice Hotel, swimming on the edge of Victoria Falls in Devil's Pool, camping in the northernmost town in the world, scuba diving in 7 countries, going inside Egypt's oldest standing pyramid, fishing in the Amazon and safaris in 6 countries in Africa, just to name a few. Domestically she likes to take a day or two to explore the local sights and try some restaurants. She's a foodie and enjoys museums, aquariums, local dive bars and anything with water. Her favorite place: somewhere she's never been!


US- Midwest region, South region, Southern CA, Hawaii

North America- Canada, Mexico


Europe- Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Italy


Central/South America- Brazil, Guyana, Panama


Asia- Thailand, Japan


Africa- Egypt, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania


Couples/Honeymoon, Group, Budget, Active/Adventure, Immersion, All Things Water

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